Copyright to a text, graphic or software arise by law. However, without a proper contract the copyright does not have to belong to you.

Copyright protect unique results of a creative activity of a human being. You say you do not know what to imagine? Photos, software, graphics, text or project documentation.

If you are entering into a contract for work concerning a logo, website texts or construction documentation, it is always necessary to pay special attention to copyrights.

If you have employees, I will revise your labour contracts and internal regulations so that you own the copyright to the works created by your employees.

I will also help you with licences, contracts for work or in disputes in the field of copyright.

Examples of services

  • Contract for work with a licence
  • Regulation of rights to the works created by employees
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights on the internet
  • Consultation and litigation in the field of copyright

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My testimonials

A participant in the Czech highest-level ice hockey league (Extraliga).

The first Czech start-up in the Silicon Valley SkyDeck accelerator.

A Czech-Slovak system integrator in the field of cybersecurity.

The largest Czech and Slovak travel portal specialized in the sale of travel vouchers.

A participant in the Czech Men’s highest-level volleyball league (Extraliga).

The producer of the Mandlovka liqueur following the original recipe from Hustopeče.

A world leader in the field of automation and clamping technology.

The absolute winner of the contest Winery of the Year 2020.