Cybersecurity law

Data is the 21st century’s oil. Information security must not be underestimated and must be proactively addressed.

To minimize cyber and information risks, it is necessary to have tuned processes, trained people and implemented technical measures. My services in the field of information and cybersecurity relate to processes and people, in particular. The purpose of my services is to increase the security of your data assets, no matter whether personal data, business secrets or intellectual property are concerned.

In cooperation with a leading Czech provider of cybersecurity services, I ensure consultancy in the field of technical security measures.

I focus on revisions of contracts between administrators and operators of information systems, electronic services and networks and their contractors in terms of cybersecurity. I also draw up internal regulations setting out duties in the field of information security.

My specialization is enforcement of compensation for non-material damage caused by cybersecurity incidents or personal data breaches.

Examples of services

  • Analysis of legal risks in relation to information security
  • Internal regulations on personal data processing and information security
  • Enforcement of claims for compensation for damage caused by a cybernetic security incident

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My testimonials

A participant in the Czech highest-level ice hockey league (Extraliga).

The first Czech start-up in the Silicon Valley SkyDeck accelerator.

A Czech-Slovak system integrator in the field of cybersecurity.

The largest Czech and Slovak travel portal specialized in the sale of travel vouchers.

A participant in the Czech Men’s highest-level volleyball league (Extraliga).

The producer of the Mandlovka liqueur following the original recipe from Hustopeče.

A world leader in the field of automation and clamping technology.

The absolute winner of the contest Winery of the Year 2020.