Industrial property rights

I arrange registration of a design or a technical solution. I draw up contracts to secure that all the rights belong to you.

In addition to trademarks, there are other industrial property rights that guarantee their owner the right to prohibit anyone from using a similar or identical subject matter.

The appearance (design) of a product or particular graphic elements of GUI (e.g. icons) can be protected through an industrial design. If you are planning to launch a product with a unique design or a software with specific graphic elements, I can help you secure their protection. I will check whether or not a similar industrial design has already been registered.

Technical solutions can be protected by a patent or utility model. For the purpose of their registration, I will connect you with leading Czech or foreign patent attorneys.

In order to realize the full potential of industrial rights, it is necessary to have correctly set contracts. Industrial rights are a property that can be licensed, sold or pledged. I will draw up a well-thought-out licence agreement, transfer agreement or agreement on the regulation of industrial property rights for you.

When it comes down to that, I will successfully defend your industrial design, patent or utility model rights in disputes before the Industrial Property Office, European Union Intellectual Property Office and courts. I also have experience with enforcement of industrial property rights through customs administration bodies, which are often used in combating counterfeits.

Examples of services

  • Terms & Conditions for e-shop, mobile or web application
  • Assistance in selecting the brand
  • Establishment of a limited liability company (s.r.o.)
  • Joint venture agreement or shareholders agreement (SHA)
  • Contract for the creation of a website or e-shop
  • Employment contract
  • Business secret and know-how protection agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

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A participant in the Czech highest-level ice hockey league (Extraliga).

The first Czech start-up in the Silicon Valley SkyDeck accelerator.

A Czech-Slovak system integrator in the field of cybersecurity.

The largest Czech and Slovak travel portal specialized in the sale of travel vouchers.

A participant in the Czech Men’s highest-level volleyball league (Extraliga).

The producer of the Mandlovka liqueur following the original recipe from Hustopeče.

A world leader in the field of automation and clamping technology.

The absolute winner of the contest Winery of the Year 2020.