Start-ups, protection of ideas and digital business

It is difficult to start a business. I will stand by your side and help you create firm legal foundations of your project.

It is challenging to orient oneself in the jungle of legal regulations, especially if you are at the very beginning. I am in daily contact with starting entrepreneurs, authors or inventors, so I know their needs.

I had multiple opportunities to watch their fast successes and falls. As far as legal services are concerned, one thing is certain. The sooner we start to cooperate, the stronger protection of your idea, product or service I am able to secure.

At the beginning I mostly register trademarks, prepare Terms & Conditions for e-shop or web / mobile applications, or establish limited liability companies. When it comes to projects with several parties, I recommend making a joint venture agreement or shareholders agreement, which is often forgotten.

Examples of services

  • Terms & Conditions for e-shop, mobile or web application
  • Assistance in selecting the brand
  • Establishment of a limited liability company (s.r.o.)
  • Joint venture agreement or shareholders agreement (SHA)
  • Contract for the creation of a website or e-shop
  • Employment contract
  • Business secret and know-how protection agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

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My testimonials

A participant in the Czech highest-level ice hockey league (Extraliga).

The first Czech start-up in the Silicon Valley SkyDeck accelerator.

A Czech-Slovak system integrator in the field of cybersecurity.

The largest Czech and Slovak travel portal specialized in the sale of travel vouchers.

A participant in the Czech Men’s highest-level volleyball league (Extraliga).

The producer of the Mandlovka liqueur following the original recipe from Hustopeče.

A world leader in the field of automation and clamping technology.

The absolute winner of the contest Winery of the Year 2020.