Unfair competition

When a competition exceeds a certain limit, you can defend yourself by legal means. You can rely on me in such a dispute.

Even a competition has limits. One of the limits are the good morals of competition. When the morals are breached, the business conduct may be regarded as unfair competition.

Unfair competition is closely related to my specialization in intellectual property and copyright. The matters addressed in this field are likelihood of confusion of brands and names, misleading advertising or free riding on reputation. The law of unfair competition is one of my strongest specializations.

Unfair competition usually leads to litigation. Having many years of experience in this field, I will guide you safely through the entire process from a preliminary injunction, through a legal action, to the final judgement. This way is long and difficult, so I first consider pros and cons of an out-of-court settlement.

Examples of services

  • Enforcement of rights affected by unfair competition
  • Representation of consumers affected by unfair business practices

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My testimonials

A participant in the Czech highest-level ice hockey league (Extraliga).

The first Czech start-up in the Silicon Valley SkyDeck accelerator.

A Czech-Slovak system integrator in the field of cybersecurity.

The largest Czech and Slovak travel portal specialized in the sale of travel vouchers.

A participant in the Czech Men’s highest-level volleyball league (Extraliga).

The producer of the Mandlovka liqueur following the original recipe from Hustopeče.

A world leader in the field of automation and clamping technology.

The absolute winner of the contest Winery of the Year 2020.